Small Website Builder

Small businesses don’t always have the resources to hire a website builder. That’s why many come to us. We have professional designers, writers and editors that can design and manage a website for them. And we can do the same for you.

We Set Up Your Website

We purchase your domain name and then set up hosting with a top ranked hosting company.  Next, we create the email addresses you need with your site. You can access your email online at any Internet computer or set it up to come in to your own computer.

We Custom Build Your Site

Then we design and build your website. You provide any existing artwork like your logo or previously created marketing material. Then we will help you create graphics for your website. We create custom websites and design them to be better than those of our customer’s competitors.

blindsThe Blind Man is a window treatment company that offers window decor for homes and businesses.

 pheonixPhoenix Flexographic creates printed product specialties for several companies. Their single page website gives them exposure in a local market and expands on their other advertising.

clothesClothes To Home provides dry cleaning pick up and delivery services. They use our search engine ranking services, which increases their business.

cjcChristopher Jones has a local business that provides personal computer sales and services to his local community. His small website get him business from the web.

Several businesses turn their websites over to us. Give us a call. We can show you more examples and we’ll discuss what we can do for you.

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We Can Be Your Website Manager

Many of our customers turn over the long term management of their websites over to us. When they want changes made to their sites all they have to do is contact us. We will make the changes for them. When you turn over management to us you will be assigned a manager who keeps up with your website and advises you on changes that need to be made. This keeps your sites fresh and up to date.

We Can Train You To Manage Your Site

Some of our customers want to make changes to their site content themselves. We can build a website that will allow you to do just that. And we can train your website manager how to maintain the site.

Give us a call and we will discuss your needs.